Sunday, November 30, 2014

Class Master Elizabeth Lauten Takes Down Malia and Sasha Obama

Class as we know it is forever changed, folks! In the wise words of Countess Luann from one of those shows about rich housewives, "money won't buy you class!" No amount of money could buy the class it takes to hate your opponent so ferociously that you insult their children! Restraint is for plebeians, as is respect! 

As for the implications of Lauten's comment that the Obama girls should dress for respect and not a seat at a bar: people, we all know that respectability and being seated at a bar are mutually exclusive! And that the way women dress is by all accounts an indicator of how respectable they are! And that we should judge women based on their attire!


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  1. "Hide those joints ladies. No one wants to see those things!" Very funny.